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So, how long will us investors in the IQD have to wait before Iraq is allowed to liberate its own currency? Why do I say “now is the time”?  We know they are completely out of Chapter VII sanctions since December 2022…We know they want the Iraq funds (nearly USD 115+ billion) released from the NY banks and put in their custody...We know they have plans for yet more Sovereign Funds to invest their reserves.  We know they are making agreements now for “currency swaps” for trade…as Iraq will no longer be using any US dollars in Iraq as of January 1st 2024.  We know that the IMF is now working on the final stages of pulling together agreements to build a new basket of six (6) currencies to re-peg the IQD.  More pressure from Iraqi economics advisors to the government to use a “basket” of currencies for the new dinar peg. This is the IMF plan of 2011 all along.  [Post 1 of 3….stay tuned]