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We know since January they have undertaken a massive “de-dollarization” program and told it should have taken 6 years but they decided to do it in 1 year (2023).  Why such a hurry? We know the value of the IQD right now does exceed even pre-1991 era but still at 1/6 of a penny for a rate? The value won’t go up, its already thereWhy is it being suppressed? Iraq needs to see a rate reflecting the TRUE VALUE. What is holding it back? We know Iraq now pumps 2/3 more oil than in pre-1991 era. Iraq also has announced 132+ tons of GOLD reserves. We know they are pushing this year alone, more than any other year since 2005, for the passing of Oil and Gas law.  Why? We know for a FACT that it is the U.S. through the Treasury Dept. direction that will NOT give sign-off to allow the reinstatement. Why?  [Post 2 of 3….stay tuned]