In Pimpy

The funny thing is I would take that right about now because I have about four or five million Iraqi dinars. If it jumped up to $0.31, woo, I’d be happy with that because I’d get over a million dollars back.  1995 the IQD was officially pegged to the US dollar at a fixed rate of 1 IQD for $2.85 USD.  2003 we know the US led an invasion of Iraq…This led to economic instability and currency fluctuations.  The Iraqi dinar was devalued to around 1 IQD for $1.30 USD…Got rid of the ones with the faces of Saddam Hussein… 1 new IQD was equivalent to 1,000 old IQDs.  In 2012 the central bank…allowed the IQD to float freely.  This led to a significant devaluation of the currency with the IQD losing 20% of its value… [Post 2 of 3….stay tuned]