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What is that exchange rate12 Iraqi dinars for every $1.00.  I think I have 4 million dinars.  Divide by 12…that means I have $333,5000.  That’s what I get when I change in my Iraqi dinar 12 to 1…Take the number of dinars you have, divide by 12 and that’s what you will get back.  According to this article that’s not going to happen until 2026.  Could something happen to expedite that?  Of course it could.  But they’re saying here 2026 is when they expect to review whether or not they change it to the 12/1 rule.  My view is this is their wall. [Note:  Use the Dinar Guru Calculator to determine how much money you could have. Link is at the top of this page]   [Post 2 of 2]