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CandyKisses:  Amid efforts to establish a new world order. BRICS summit continues

Economy News – Baghdad

The BRICS Emerging Economies Summit continues, for the second day in a row in Johannesburg, with the participation of leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

In his opening speech to the BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said:

– We seek to strengthen cooperation between BRICS countries and the African continent.

– We seek to preserve the interests of the countries of the South and we call on the major countries to do so.

– We seek to enhance the interaction of local currencies between the countries of the BRICS Group.

– Concerned about the use of global financial institutions as tools of political conflict.

-BRICS Group seeks to provide equal economic opportunities.

– We seek the prosperity of the peoples of the countries of the group.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said:

– The BRICS group has become stronger, but it faces very complex scenarios.

– BRICS countries account for 41 percent of the world’s population and more than 30 percent of global output.

– The Ukrainian war showed the limitations of the UN Security Council.

– Many UN bodies do not have much influence.

– What is happening in Ukraine has global repercussions.

– The pursuit of peace is a shared commitment, the BRICS Group must act as a force to achieve this and cooperate between us.

Subsequently, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated via video:

– BRICS Group has proven its credibility in front of the international community.

– BRICS Group supports a multipolar society that respects international law.

– We reject the quest of some countries to strengthen their dominance and restore their colonial policy.

– We seek to establish a new world order that respects international law.

– We seek to stop the war launched by the West against the “Donbass people”.

– Anyone who rejected the previous coup in Ukraine was subjected to war.

– We seek to exclude the dollar from commercial transactions between BRICS countries and replace it with local currencies.

After Putin, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, said:

– We worked to create economic safety nets through various initiatives.

– We are working as much as possible to make a positive change in the lives of the citizens of the BRICS countries.

– Cooperation between BRICS countries in the fields of education, technology and space should be strengthened.

– India supports the expansion of the BRICS group.

– We have proposed permanent membership of the African Union in the BRICS group to strengthen the presence of the countries of the South.

– We must prepare all our communities for the future.

The two countries are seeking to exploit the August 22-24 summit in Johannesburg, to make the group a parallel force for Western dominance of global institutions.


Tishwash:  Iraqi Securities signs an agreement for financial investment and economic development in the Kurdistan Region

Iraqi Securities signs an agreement for financial investment and economic development in the Kurdistan Region

Today, Wednesday, the Securities Commission announced the signing of a cooperation agreement between it and the International Center for Finance and Trade, obligating the two parties to promote financial investment and develop economic activities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.   link


Tishwash:  Samsung signs an agreement with Zain Iraq to provide its approved devices in next generation branches, the main distributor for Zain in Iraq

Samsung Electronics Levant, along with Zain (Iraq), signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Next Generation Company, the main distributor of Zain Iraq, with the aim of enhancing sales and supply services, and expanding business scope and approved official distribution channels throughout Iraq.

Where the agreement was signed on the evening of Tuesday, corresponding to August 22, 2023, at the headquarters of Zain (Iraq) in Baghdad, by Mr.Laith Al-Obaidi, General Manager of Next Generation Company, along with MrAlex Limthe head of the companySamsung ElectronicsinThe Middle EastAnd in the presence of MrAli asceticCEO ofZain Iraq. The terms of the agreement became valid from the date of its signing.

The signing ceremony was also attended by executive directors and heads of various departments in Zain (Iraq) and Samsung Levant.

said the masterAli ascetic, CEO of Zain (Iraq): “This partnership reflects Zain’s (Iraq) commitment to providing the best solutions and services to our customers, as we will be able, under this strategic partnership, to achieve sustainable growth and expand our business in the Iraqi market. In addition, this partnership will contribute positively in meeting the needs of customers of all partners, and will give them a comprehensive and integrated experience.”

In a related context, MrAlex Limthe head of the companySamsung ElectronicsinThe Middle EastWe are looking forward to a bright future with our new strategic partners, as we will work hard with Zain (Iraq) and Next Generation Company to achieve mutual success and meet the expectations of our customers in the coming years. Samsung Levant seeks to expand in the Iraqi market – one of the largest smart phone markets And the most diverse inThe Middle East– By creating strategic relationships; To better raise the level of services and products provided in the Iraqi market, to achieve the aspirations and expectations of customers, and to obtain their satisfaction and loyalty.

It is worth noting that Next Generation Solutions andelectronic servicesAnd General Trading, the main distributor forZain IraqIt is one of the most prominent Iraqi companies specialized in providing advanced services in the fields of wired and wireless communications. It acts as a link between the end user and service providers, and under this agreement, Next Generation will be one of the main distributors authorized to sell Samsung devices in Iraq.   link

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