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CandyKisses:  Iraq ranks 45th in the ranking of the most powerful countries in the world for the year 2023

Baghdad – Mawazine News

Iraq ranked 45th in the ranking of the most powerful countries The world, with its strengths and weaknesses reaching 83.9, while the United States maintained United on its position in the highest rank in terms of power and influence for the year 2023, according to the classification ANNUAL MAGAZINE CEOWORLD.

According to the CEOWorld 2023 report, the most powerful countries in the world are those that make up Global economic policies are dominated by seven main features: political stability, Economic influence, defense budget, arms, global alliances, and power Soft, military power.

While some may argue that power depends on The political prowess of a state or a strong military and defense system, these traits are what Distinguish countries from each other.

The three most powerful countries are the United States China and Russia, followed by India, the United Kingdom and Japan. France and Germany are at the center Second directly, while South Korea, Italy and Turkey came in ten places

The first. The bottom five countries in the ranking are Liberia, Somalia, Benin and Bhutan. and Moldova.

CandyKisses:  France’s Total begins its strategic contracts in Basra

Economy News _ Baghdad

Last week, the French company Total Energy launched its four mega strategic projects in Basra province, which it had previously contracted with the Ministry of Oil, including the development of oil and gas fields, the production of renewable energy, the investment of seawater in the injection of fields, as well as the investment of burning gas in three fields.

The Director General of the Basra Oil Company, Bassem Abdul Karim Al-Shamkhani, said in an interview with “Al-Sabah” followed by “Economy News”, that “Total activated its four contracts last week, August 16, and thus the two parties entered the Ministry of Oil and Total in the stage of commitment to implement the investment contracts signed in the final version last July,”

Noting that “the biggest challenge we faced in the past period is related to how to implement contracts to create sustainable oil development to invest associated gas within the projects of the south.” integrated, which includes four major and large projects for the oil and gas sectors.”

He explained that “the two contracts of the (GGIB) project between the French company (Total) and the (Basra Oil Company), out of a total of four contracts, to develop the Artawi field, and the investment of 600 million cubic feet in two phases for the fields of national effort, Majnoon field and gas field West Qurna 2, in addition to the implementation of the sea water project, which produces 5 million barrels for the purpose of water injection operations and the sustainability of production in the oil fields in Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar.”

The fourth project is the electric power project, which produces 1000,2021 megawatts, as well as extinguishing the flame of burnt gas in the fields of Artawi, Sabba, Lahis and Al-Tuba north of Basra, in addition to the giant Majnoon field in the northeast of the province,” he said.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Oil signed with the French company “Total” in September 27, the first version of a group of giant strategic contracts in the fields of oil, gas, renewable energy, and seawater at an investment cost of $ 27 billion for <> years


Tishwash:  Concerning “military mobilization”… A message from Baghdad to Washington that includes 3 important points – Urgent

Today, Sunday (August 27, 2023), the leader in the coordination framework, Jabbar Odeh, revealed the content of a message from Baghdad to Washington that includes 3 important points.

Odeh told “Baghdad Today” that “the government of Muhammad Sayaa al-Sudani sent an important message to Washington at the end of last week against the background of the influx of American military convoys, which raised public opinion. Supporting or participating in international conflicts, referring to the Ukrainian war, providing details of the number of forces present, and not accepting the flow of any smuggled oil from Syria towards Iraqi territory.

He added, “The Sudanese government is serious in its dealings with the American side in a way that preserves the country’s sovereignty and prevents the country from being involved in regional and international conflicts, and confirms that the forces present in the bases are for training, not combat.”

Odeh pointed out that “despite Washington’s justifications regarding the reasons for the influx of convoys, that it is a change in its military units, but we do not trust them,” stressing that “our position is clear on Iraq that does not need the presence of American forces in the country, and it is time to change the compass of those forces, especially since the country has an army and a popular crowd.” And support forces are able to face any emergency.

Earlier, the US ambassador to Iraq, Elena Romanowski, denied the relationship of US military moves inside Iraq.

Romanowski said in a press statement, “The military movements were part of the exchange of the existing forces.”

“These military movements have nothing to do with the Iraqi interior,” she added.

Romanowski added, “Ensuring continued cooperation and developing common interests with Iraq.”

During the past days, Iraqi communication sites were filled with news and pictures claiming the existence of a supposed military operation by the US forces in Iraq, but the US military leadership and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied several times the existence of any military operation in Iraq.

And the “Inherent Resolve” operations command, which is the official name of the operations led by the international coalition to confront ISIS in Iraq, announced that it is conducting a routine exchange of soldiers working in Iraq in a non-combat capacity, which also includes the replacement of combat equipment.  link

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