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CandyKisses:  Al-Araji confirms that Iraq is proceeding with the implementation of the security agreement with Iran

Baghdad – Iraq Today:

National Security Adviser Qassim al-Araji said that Baghdad is making great efforts to implement the terms of the security agreement with Iran.

In a tweet, Al-Araji stressed his keenness to strengthen relations between the two neighboring countries, in the interest of our two countries and peoples and enhance the security and stability of the region.

In March, a security report was signed between Iraq and Iran, signed on the Iraqi side by National Security Adviser Qassim al-Araji and on behalf of Iran by then-Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani, with the aim of “protecting the common border between the two countries”.

Tishwash:  The Kurdistan region is waving an international escalation to obtain its dues allocated in the budget

Political and popular parties in the Kurdistan region called on the central government to pay the suspended financial dues, in order to pay the salaries of employees and manage the remaining life matters.

Five hundred billion dinars in the form of loans for the months of September, October and the second, is the sum of the amounts decidedCouncil of Ministersspent to the provinceKurdistan, in which officials revealed that the amounts of salaries for the months of August and July have not been paid so far, despite the entry into force of the budget on the twenty-fifth of June and the fulfillment of the region’s legal obligations.

The region, which called on the central government to review its decisions and send the dues based on the numbers recorded in the tables, especially the portion allocated to monthly salaries, which is worth nine hundred billion dinars. monthly, calling on the political forces and parties that formed the government to pay the dues as stated in the schedules and laws that urged adherence to the ministerial curriculum and the political agreements that resulted in the formation of the government.

The region was not content with local claims, but rather appealed to the international community to support it in obtaining its constitutional rights and financial entitlements according to the constitution and signed agreements. link


CandyKisses:  The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan reveals the details of Baghdad sending 500 billion to the region

2023/09/08 10:20

Baghdad – Iraq Today:

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) revealed the details of the government’s decision to send 500 billion dinars to the Kurdistan Regional Government, while stressing that the amounts are due to foreign debts unrelated to oil companies or employee salaries.

Burhan Sheikh Raouf, a member of the National Union, said in a press interview: “According to the sources, there are previous debts to the region on the central government estimated at ٣٠ Billion dollars,” noting that “the money was sent after settling accounts between the regional government and the center on the budget and some financial paragraphs that were pending.”

He continued, “Ending the problems between the two parties contributed significantly to the approval of sending 500 billion dinars per month to the region,” pointing out that “all financial accounts between the two parties will be settled in exchange for ending all previous crises.”

Regarding the decision to send 500 billion dinars, Sheikh Raouf said: “The amounts are due to foreign debts that have nothing to do with the money of oil companies or the salaries of employees.”


Tishwash:  eventually it will include Iraq …

Automated teller machine… The Middle East is a meeting point for foreign investment capital

An American report described, on Thursday, sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East as an “automated teller machine” for those looking for funds for major investments, referring to the large amount of liquidity that these institutions possess.

The American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, indicated that “large companies looking for capital have made these funds their destination, while the regimes of the countries of the region are seeking a greater role at the global level, and they can play a greater role, especially in light of the withdrawal of major Western financiers from many countries.” investments, especially with high interest rates

According to the newspaper, major mergers and acquisitions witnessed an increase in interest from major funds, the most recent of which was the purchase of the Abu Dhabi fund of the investment management company “Fortress” for more than two billion dollars, while the Saudi fund purchased the aviation unit of Standard Chartered by about $ 700 million.

According to the American newspaper, companies and funds supervised by the National Security Adviser in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, recently moved to buy Standard Chartered Bank and Lazard Investment Bank.

It concluded deals for a British health company worth more than $ 1.2 billion, in addition to acquiring part of a giant Colombian company working in the field of food products, the newspaper says.

And the dominance of these funds in the acquisitions market appears, as the securities obligations of the Saudi Public Investment Fund increased to $ 56 billion in 2022, up from $ 33 billion in 2021, while the securities obligations of the Abu Dhabi Mubadala Fund doubled to $ 18 billion in 2022.

Peter Jaderstein, founder of the investment company “Good Advisor”, likened what is happening in the Middle East to “the gold rush that occurred in the United States in previous years,” according to what he told the newspaper.

The “Wall Street Journal” quoted investment fund managers as saying: “They often wait in front of their competitors in the waiting rooms of sovereign wealth funds.”

They added that “Managers from Silicon Valley and New York are almost always present in the halls of the Four Seasons Hotel and other luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi.”

The newspaper pointed out that the Riyadh conference, which will be held next month and is known as “Davos in the Desert”, is likely to be a magnet for money hunters, unlike what happened about 5 years ago when it witnessed a wave of withdrawals by executives after the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in his country’s consulate.

Hundreds of CEOs and leaders of the financial sector are expected to arrive in Riyadh to attend the conference, in which Saudi Arabia is trying to highlight the kingdom’s geopolitical strength, according to a previous report by Agence France-Presse.   link

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