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Tishwash:  US relocating forces in Iraq, Syria: Source

A security source in Al Anbar said that the United States had moved its occupying forces and equipment from Ain al-Asad air base to Al-Tanf base in Syria, according to a Monday report by the Almaalomah news website.

The source also noted that the US uses airplanes to move the forces and equipment, adding that the airplanes fly at low altitudes over western areas in Iraq.

The news website also quoted an Iraqi lawmaker as saying that all influential political factions in the country have a consensus on the need for the withdrawal of foreign military forces from Iraq.

The legislator underlined that people will witness the pullout of foreign forces from the country by the end of the current year.

Mouin AlKazmi, a leading member of the Badr Organization, underlined that Iraq does not need foreign military forces and that their withdrawal means respect for the sovereignty of the Arab country.  link

Tishwash:  this is in China’s news

Iraq no longer needs US-led coalition forces: PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani said Tuesday that Iraq does not need military advisors from 25 countries to work within the mission of the U.S.-led international coalition to fight the Islamic State (IS) group.

Al-Sudani made the comments during a press conference, in which he stressed that the Iraqi government began an integrated program to improve the armament of the security forces in conjunction with seeking to end the presence of the international coalition in the country.

The justifications for the coalition’s existence in 2014 have ended today, and “we are in the year 2024,” al-Sudani said.

He said that the IS group no longer poses a threat to Iraq’s security, adding that the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces have improved significantly and it can now maintain security throughout the country.

Al-Sudani stressed that the government hopes to move to a new phase of relations with the international coalition countries, including the economic, political and security aspects.

Al-Sudani’s comment came as Iraq and the U.S.-led coalition held on Feb. 11 a new round of dialogue to discuss ending the coalition’s mission in Iraq.  link


Tishwash:  Barzani: The Kurdistan region will adhere to the Iraqi decision regarding the international coalition

The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the region will adhere to the decision taken by Baghdad regarding the international coalition mission in Iraq, as it is part of the country. Barzani said in a televised interview, “The coalition forces came at the request of the Iraqi government to confront ISIS, and a long time has passed since their arrival.

Therefore, it is natural to negotiate again to determine the form of the future relationship between the coalition and Baghdad, and on this basis the decision will be made on what the form of future relations will be.” He added, “ISIS still represents a great threat to Iraq,” noting that “the reason is that the issue of ISIS is linked to the stability of Syria, not just Iraq.”

Regarding how the Kurdistan region “will turn into an alternative geography” for American bases in the rest of Iraq, Barzani said, “We are not isolating the Kurdistan region from Iraq,” adding, “According to our policy, any decision that will be taken will be within the framework of Iraqi geography, and the Kurdistan region is part of Iraq.” “He will abide by the decision taken by Iraq in general.”  link

Tishwash:  Iraq and Washington confirm the continuation of dialogue rounds to end the tasks of the international coalition

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani received, on Wednesday, the US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, while they stressed the continuation of the rounds of dialogue to end the tasks of the international coalition in Iraq

The Prime Minister’s Media Office stated in a statement received by “Al-Sumaria News”, “The meeting witnessed a discussion of relations between the two countries and ways to strengthen them, and confirmation of the continuation of bilateral dialogue rounds and the joint supreme military committee, concerned with organizing the end of the tasks of the international coalition in Iraq.”

The office added, “The meeting also discussed the files that will be raised during the upcoming visit of the Prime Minister to Washington, the cooperation mechanism within the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and the United States, and the committees formed in this regard.” link


CandyKisses:  Sudanese advisor: Baghdad’s request to host the Arab summit aims to show Iraq’s important role in the region

Mawazine News – Baghdad

The advisers to Prime Minister Fadi Al-Shammari confirmed the government’s intention to host the Arab summit with the aim of highlighting the important role of Iraq in the region, noting that Iraq with its new version and the urban renaissance it is witnessing represents a prominent position at the heart of the issues of the Arab and Islamic nation in terms of accelerating challenges and opportunities together.

Al-Shammari added in an interview followed by Mawazine News that “Iraq today represents a major axis of regional and international interactions, and its importance is reflected in its effective contributions to many Arab and global issues, through hosting important events and participating in international forums, which makes it a major player that contributes to shaping the future of the Arab nation.”

Regarding Iraq’s request to host the next Arab summit, Al-Shammari says that “the request reflects Iraq’s desire to contribute effectively to Arab affairs and enhance its role in enhancing cooperation and achieving development, and the security stability achieved by Iraq, which is a key factor to attract international and regional summits.”

Al-Shammari continued: “This request also highlights the regional role of Iraq as an influential regional player, and reflects its desire to strengthen its role as a mediator in issues of conflict and cooperation in the region, as well as opens up prospects for diplomatic communication, building closer relations between Iraq and Arab countries and enhancing economic cooperation.” 

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