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Tishwash:  The Sudanese advisor talks about the government’s “obligation” of countries to recover money and hand over the corrupt

Today, Sunday (6 August 2023), Hisham Al-Rikabi, media advisor to the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shaa Al-Sudani, confirmed that the Iraqi government has obligated countries to recover looted Iraqi funds and hand over the corrupt to the Iraqi judiciary.

Al-Rikabi, in a tweet on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter), said, “The government’s efforts to retrieve the wanted persons to the Iraqi judiciary through Interpol will leave the countries hosting the wanted persons with no choice but to hand them over to the Iraqi judiciary for trial. link

CandyKisses: ‘Coming soon’.. Iraq to appoint 70 ambassadors to represent it diplomatically in the world

Baghdad – NAS

The Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee revealed that Iraq has adopted a policy of productive diplomacy and revealed a plan to appoint about 70 qualified ambassadors to represent Iraq diplomatically in the world soon.     

A member of the committee, Jabbar al-Kinani, explained in a statement to the official newspaper affiliated with “Nas” on Sunday (August 6, 2023), that “the task of nominating ambassadors will be equally between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will nominate 35 candidates, and their representatives for the participating political forces

Considering that the issue of diplomatic representation is political and not administrative, which requires a balance in providing the best qualified for the position of Iraq’s ambassador to the countries of the world, and avoiding employing figures affected by the cultures of authoritarianism and sectarian and national conflict that prevailed in the country in previous times.”

“The Foreign Relations Committee undertakes two main tasks; the first is to legislate laws that require their preparation in accordance with successive developments and events, and the second is the supervisory role and productive job performance to support the aspirations of citizens in development and investment, enhance Iraq’s international standing, confront all hostile foreign tendencies, and strengthen the bonds of friendship and economic and political relations with the countries of the world,” al-Kinani said.


Tishwash:  Al-Nusairi: The Central Bank’s statement is a roadmap to ensure monetary stability 

Samir Al-Nusairi, advisor to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, confirmed that the central bank’s statement clarifying the basic facts related to the exchange rate (US dollar) in the local markets and the role of the central bank in providing foreign currency through its official sources, is the road map for the new phase to achieve stability in the money market, in a way that maintains To stabilize the exchange rate and help recover the Iraqi dinar and reach a point of balance with the announced official price, which is 1,320 dinars per dollar.

Al-Nusairi indicated, in an interview with “Al-Iqtisad News”, that what is called the parallel market is not real, and that what is present in the circulation of foreign currency is a black market that is controlled by speculators by withdrawing the official cash dollar from some non-authorized money changers and outlets for the purpose of covering illegal imports and through illegal border crossings.

Official, which was clearly identified in the statement. Because the source of the dollar in Iraq is the Central Bank exclusively, and there is no other source of the dollar that may come from exports to the private sector, the arena, or transfers to residents abroad.

Al-Nusairi stressed that the system currently adopted to provide the dollar at the official rate is done through the electronic platform exclusively for external transfers and documentary credits for merchants and businessmen, and through international money transfer companies (Western Union and MoneyGram) for personal external transfers abroad such as study and treatment wages, etc., and through banks. And metaphorical money changers A, b, and mediator C. Cash dollars are transferred to travelers  in accordance with the instructions in force.

He hinted that the Central Bank follows the market closely in accordance with Law 56 of 2004 through its inspection and oversight teams, and it constantly addresses the obstacles that prevent small traders from entering the electronic platform and works to facilitate them, targeting their gain and securing the necessary flexibility for them to obtain the dollar at the official rate and facilitating tax and customs procedures in coordination with government agencies. In order to preserve the safety of money movement and foreign trade, adhere to the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law No. 39 of 2015, comply with international standards, and maintain the stability of our financial and banking system and protect it from risks.

Al-Nusairi concluded his speech by inviting the competent government agencies, the media, merchants, businessmen and citizens to cooperate with the government measures issued by the Prime Minister and work to implement the instructions and regulations of the monetary authority for the purpose of maintaining stability in the exchange rate and the recovery of the Iraqi dinar, especially since it is strong and covered by foreign cash reserves exceeding 113 One billion dollars now, and let our motto always be (Our dinar is our sovereignty)  link

Mot: WHY do I find these Just before Going to Bed??? – Now I Will Wonder All Night siiggghhhhh

What if they’re not stars, but holes poked into the top of the container so we can breathe.

Mot:  .. Don´t know much about history