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CandyKissses:  Urgent:   After a long wait.. Finance is finally published the instructions for implementing the budget

{Economic: Efrat News} The Ministry of Finance has published instructions for the implementation of the Federal Financial Budget Law, calling on “all ministries, governorates and unrelated entities to review the ministry to receive instructions.”

A statement by the Ministry, a copy of which was received by {Euphrates News}, said: “In view of the approval and publication of the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq No. (13) for the fiscal years (2023, 201224 and 2025)

In the official Iraqi facts sheet issued in June 2013 with number 4726, the Ministry of Finance invites all ministries, governorates, bodies and entities not associated with the Ministry of Attendance to the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance / Budget Department Budget Preparation Section for the purpose of receiving a copy of the instructions for the implementation of the general budget and the instructions for implementing the planning budget for the public sector and self-funded bodies and companies.”

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted on May 12 on the federal budget law in general, while the federal governments and in the Kurdistan region filed appeals from the law, some of which were recently received by the Federal Court and accepted others.بعد-طول-انتظار-المالية%C2%A0تنشر-أخيراً-تعليمات-تنفيذ-الموازنة

Paperchaser:  Didn’t we read that the instructions were  implemented and published a couple weeks ago?

CandyKisses:  I thought it came out already too, Paperchaser, but the article is dated today, so I posted it.


Tishwash:  What is the relationship of the corrupt?.. A deputy identifies 3 reasons for the “inactivity” of some parliamentary committees

Today, Saturday (August 12, 2023), Representative Yasser Al-Husseini identified 3 reasons for the inactivity of some parliamentary committees, including the fact that these committees are captive to the committee chairman.

Al-Husseini said in an interview with “Baghdad Today”, that “parliamentary committees were chosen according to political data and weights, and this process affects the performance of their work, in addition to the fact that the presidencies are the main engine for them, so either they are active or lead them to inactivity with regard to their oversight role.”

He added, “The Presidency of the House of Representatives also has a vision with the government, ministries and independent bodies that the parliament is entrusted with oversight over their performance, but unfortunately some committees are inactive and others have no significant role,” pointing out that “there is not yet any diagnosis of names for inactive committees or that have no activity.

He pointed out that “the weakness of any parliamentary committee and its neglect of its oversight role will cast a shadow on the government side and open the doors for the corrupt to proceed in their paths without any follow-up that puts an end to them.”

The Iraqi Council of Representatives includes 26 permanent parliamentary committees, in addition to temporary committees that are formed for emergency circumstances.

The Integrity Committee ranked first in terms of the number of members, with 19 members, followed by the Finance Committee with 18 members, followed by the Foreign Relations Committee with 17 members, followed by the Security, Defense, Services, Age, Health, Environment, Legal, Oil and Energy Committees with 16 members.

The Civil Society Institutions Committee came as the least accepted committee by parliamentarians, with only 6 members, followed by the Labor and Social Affairs Committee and the National Reconciliation, Culture, Media, Tourism and Antiquities Committee with 7 members. Each committee has a chairperson and two rapporteurs, and voting is restricted to members only.  link


Harambe:  Iran’s Central Bank Chief Says Frozen Funds Reduced by $1 Bln due to Won Depreciation l KBS WORLD (8/13/23)

The chief of Iran’s central bank stated that the depreciation of the Korean won has caused the country’s blocked assets in South Korea to drop from about one billion dollars.

According to Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Saturday, Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Governor Mohammad Reza Farzin said the assets had been frozen at South Korean banks for several years with no interest.

The CBI chief said that all of the funds in South Korea have been unfrozen, adding that they were transferred to a third country, reported to be Switzerland, to be exchanged into the euro currency.

The exchanged funds are expected to be wired to accounts at six Iranian banks in Qatar and are to be spent for the purchase of “unsanctioned goods.”

According to Reuters, Farzin announced on social media that the money had been converted to euros and that the third country would pay the conversion fees.

Earlier, the United States and Iran reached an agreement to unfreeze the assets placed under U.S. sanctions by the previous Donald Trump administration in 2018, as well as a prisoner swap that frees five Americans who are currently in prison in exchange for several jailed Iranians.

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